Go Cards!

Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day Kids Craft #4- Thumbprint Heart Card

Thumbprint Heart Card
What you'll need:
  • 1/2 sheet of pink construction paper
  • red acrylic paint
  • white paint pen, white paint, or tiny wiggle eyes
  • black fine point marker
How you make it:
  1. Fold the half sheet of construction paper in half and crease to create your card.
  2. Dip thumb in red paint and press onto card at a slight angel to the right. Repeat on the left, lining up the bottom of your thumb with the bottom of the first thumb print. This should create a heart shape. Let the thumbprint dry.
  3. Use a black marker to write a valentines greeting on the front of the card
  4. Add arms and legs with the black marker. Use a white paint pen to dot on two eyes.
  5. When white is dry, add two black dots to the two whites with black marker.
  6. Write a message inside the card.


  1. If you dont have a white paint pen, you can dot on white paint with a toothpick or the handle end of a small paint brush.
  2. Instead of construction paper, you can use colorful card stock for this project
  3. Construction paper provides hours of fun and stimulates your child's imagination!

This Kids Craft was found on crafts.kaboose.com

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