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Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To-Do Tuesday

This is week is the letter A at our house. We are starting a new project. Each week is a different letter of the alphapet. So that princess can do different crafts and can also learn the objects and her letters. Just giving her a jump start in life. With this week comes:

Monday That was apple day: We painted with apples, we made an apple tree with out fingers, for used our senses and smelled, tastes, touched apples. We looked at the different colors and we also looked at the the different shapes.

Tuesday is angel day we are making bell angels and handprint and footprint angels. We are reading angel books and also coloring angel pictures. I have to go to walmart today and pick up a new phone that i missed up by tring to do two different things at once. talking on the phone with my mom and then doing dishes at the same time

Wednesday -friday we are doing valentines crafts, valentines gift making, valentines snacks and the rest of the week is made up of valentines day objects.

We are hoping that our tax refund comes in this week also we are needing a bed badly. There is a big adention in our bed like its a big hole. Me and my husband hasnt sleep in weeks.

Very busy for fun week.

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