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Go Cards!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day Kids Craft #2- Folded Heart Mouse Paper Craft

Folded Heart Mouse Paper Craft
1. cut a large heart (mouse body) on red and pink construction paper or color or paint.
Note: The size of the heart can be larger for a finger puppet or small enough so that it can be used as a card and then a matching envelope can be made for it from one of your valentines envelops.
2. Cut 2 smaller hearts for ears (red or pink)
3. Cut 2 smaller hearts to fit and glue on top of the heart ears mentioned about (contrast color red/ pink or pink/red or white)
4. Any material for a tail black, brown, red (string, ribbon, yarn)
5. Wiggly eyes and a round nose (these can be drawn in also) Same procedure as your craft, fold the heart from center point.
6. For ears you fold hearts the same way as for the body, by making sure the two heart color portions show. Dray in eyes or stick wiggly eyes and wiskers made out of paper of string/ yarn.
7. You can write a valentines message on the body too!
you can find a copy of this craft and this craft came from dltk-holidays.com

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  1. Thanks for the Valentine's craft idea! Hope you have a joyous holiday!