Go Cards!

Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Monday, January 25, 2010

To-Do tuesday

This is going to be a very crazy week in the princesses family. Monday i have to finish my shopping that i couldnt get done because i left the shopping list at home. Then have to finish the laundry and take my brother that just moved back into the dorn his rest of the clothes because i got very behind on them when princess was ill. Then after that i have to take my brother to the hospital to check out a suspious spot on his back (praying its nothing bad). The on tuesday I have to go to my friends house and go through clothing that i was supposted to do this last week but because princess got sick i pushed back the rest of the week. Then that even i have to go to my husbands work and get my finger pricked for our health insurance because if we dont it will go up twenty more dollars i hate health insurance (well just the exam they have to weigh me :(!). Wednesday its my relaxing day i have nothing to do other then house work. Oh and its laundry day agian. Thursday i have to make my shopping list for friday bill day. Friday very stressful day... paying bills, shopping, and then a uppercase living party at a friends house.


  1. sounds very super busy to me my dear thanks for all that you do for me