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Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thousand words thursday- new adventure

This is my princess. She is alway out on adventures through the house. The other day while out on an adventure ended her up in this spot. Underneath the intable in the living room. I think that she is trying to sing to us :). She loves this spot since she found it. She fits comfortably and plays with any toy or book that she may have.
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have a happy thursday


  1. What a doll!! Isn't it funny how they love playing with the nasal syringe but using it.. not so much!!

  2. she is a doll and I cant wait to see her again hope she is feeling better

  3. Isn't it funny how kids gravitate to those tiny out of the way places?

    My youngest son once fell asleep under a really low coffee table and was sleeping so soundly that he didn't hear me frantically calling him.

    I searched every room. Twice. Then I ran outside only to find not a trace anywhere.

    As I came back in and headed for the phone, I screamed his name one more time. Then low and behold, out from under the table he came, looking completely confused and scared to death at seeing me so frantic.

    Yep. Cute picture. :)