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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make Do Mondays

My family is just been cut back on alot of money that we where counting on for the new year. So we have had to make some changes and make due with items that we already have. This is becoming a little hard for my husband but im trying to make it work. We have had to stop buying wipes because they just seem to be taking money away from the budget that we can use somewhere else. So we have been using bummas that I have just recived to review (will be up tomorrow with a giveaway) just by placing bummas in a bowl of water and baby oil works just as well at baby wipes. Have had to stop buy paper towel so instead of using paper towels i have a bag of old socks that have a holes in the toes that i am know using to dust with. I just found a couple of months ago about the swiffer product. Well as you might know the wipes for the swiffer are expensive so we have went back to a mop and bucket show. It takes a little long but saves a lot of money. I am alway keeping my eye open to new ideas... to help save money with what i have already.

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  1. Hi!

    I can completely relte. I make all my own cleaners and hae for years. I really try to use up things around the house for a second time if possible. I am decorating the house for Valentines day and doing it without buying anything. You can see my Valentine tree decorations here:

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. sounds like you are making wise decisions my dear

  3. Very smart goals! Socks are my favorite to Make-Do with! You can maybe cut your old sox to fit on the Swiffer?

    I am very proud of your progress and endurance.

    In the day, 12 and 15 years ago, I would cut our baby wipes in half for wiping bums. Cutting them into thirds and quarters for cleaning.
    I still love wipes when camping, but I rarely leave them full size! But when I can, socks are the best substitute for rags.

    Thanks for linking and come back soon!

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