Go Cards!

Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buttoned Up Giveaway

Have you having trouble staying organized I sure know I do expecially with a toddler running around. Here is something that might help you out with you gettting organized! But not with the toddler running around if there was a giveaway i would enter into that one for sure! Jamie's Precious Peas is hosting a giveaway for buttoned up organizational Tools. They are offering Jamie's Precious Peas readers a chance to win Birthday book (which help keeps dates of people birthdays) and Greeting Stash a assorted of cards. You can click here and enter into this giveaway. This giveaway ends 4/26 so hurry on over and enter into this giveaway!

Thank You Jamie's Precious Peas for hosting this giveaway!

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