Go Cards!

Go Cards!

GO Cardinals!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here are some Great Ways to Recycle and Trade In Items

With Earth day being tomorrow! There are alot of places that are wanting to recycle almost everything! It's good for the enviorments, your house and sometimes even your wallet!

For Make Up Items:

  1. ECO Tools- You Can Send off your old makeup brushes, sponges, and bath and body care products to EcoTools for an alrernative EcoTool Product (FREE item coupon) and a sample pack go here for more information.

  2. Origins- Take your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles, or jars to Origins store or counter April 22 for a FREE full size cleanser... choose from checks or balances or Perfect world.

For Electronics Items:

  1. Target- Trade in used electronics and dvds for target gift cards!

  2. Walmart- Trade in your used electronics and dvds for a walmart gift card!

  3. Great Earth Exchance- Trade in your electronics and dvds fora Amazon Gift Card!

  4. Swagbucks- Recycle old cell phone for swagbucks! Not a member? you can join here!

For Shoes Items:

  1. Nike- Drop off shoes at Nike to have every part used to make athletic surfaces. They take any brand shoes. List of other places to send shoes for charity and to be reused or recycled

For Plastic Bags Items:

  1. Reuse- If you have not gotten a reusable bag yet or forgot yours, be sure to reuse plastic bags in creative or more ordinary waysor

  2. Recycle- Target & Kohls have recycle bins for plastic bags in or near their store.

Sports Equipment:

  1. Donate to a local school! Teachers are always in search of play equipment especially this late in the year

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